Saturday, 14 November 2009

Playboy Celebrity Cover

Playboy magazine is an Icon of modern culture and who ever gets to the cover of the playboy magazine , defenetly is the statment that they got "there" and they are living the dream. Here is some interesting people that made the cover of the worlds most famous magazine.

Barbra Streisand - October 1997

Steve Martin - November 1980

Donald Trump - March 1990

Sharon Stone - July 1990

Dan Aykroyd - August 1993

Jerry Seinfield - October 1993

Leslie Nielsen - February 1996

KISS -March 1999

Marge Simspon - November 2009

Friday, 13 November 2009

Momento KODAC

Its a Kodac Moment :D

Logo tribute

Just after i finished doing the visualfruit logo i got an email from a friend with this picture. This now is a tribute to the logo and to F.C.Porto the football club that we both support and learn to respect through out our lives. Being the clubs animal symbol the dragon and the fact that there is a fruit called dragons eye gives me the will to make a FCPorto blogg called dragons eye and to use this image as a LOGO. Fortunately there is already lots of good FCP porto blogs, but the intentios stays in the air and who knows, i might even do it . Thank you MiguelAngelo.

Só depois de eu ter acabado doinf o logotipo visualfruit eu recebi um email de um amigo com esta imagem. Esta é uma homenagem ao logótipo e F.C. Porto para o clube que tanto apoiamos e aprendemos a ao longo de nossas vidas. sendo os símbolo do clube, o dragão o fato de que existe uma fruta chamada olho dragaõ dá-me vontade de fazer um blogg F.C.Porto chamado dragons-eye (olho do dragão) e usar essa imagem como logotipo. Obrigado Miguelangelo.

Bumper Cars go Legal

Everybody loves bumper cars, imagine yourself driving one every day. Some people actualy whent that extra mile in order to live that wacky dream and they modify some bumper cars in order to make them legal to drive in the streets.

...these photos came from probaly on of the biggeest photoblogs in the net
Thursday, 12 November 2009

Hardest hockey shot ever!!!!

One of our Samsung Mobile Explorers caught this ice hockey player warming up for Vancouvers 2010 Winter Games. He didnt do so well with the new puck... Check out

Fwd: Arte de Pierre_Beteille

Clicar para visualizar melhor!

Clicar para visualizar melhor!

Clicar para visualizar melhor!

Clicar para visualizar melhor!

Paulo Sá Ferreira - Creative Design

Fwd: Imagens - Livros de variadas formas...!

Imagens - Livros de variadas formas...!

É interessante os objectos úteis e até mesmo artisticos

que podemos criar com uns livros! 

Queres receber 1 email sempre que for postado mais novidades neste blog?



Wednesday, 11 November 2009

40 Seriously Funny Print Ads

Print adverts can get their message across with fun added to the context. Usualy fun is a great message vehicle . here are 40 examples that i found in a great webdesign site.

1. Kayaking Jumbo Peanut: Choking

2. Ambulance – Listermint Mouthwash

3. EPhone: Snakebite

4. Wolf Hot Sauce: Hand dryer

5. Hospital – Lazer Helmets

6. Utopolis, Group of Cinemas: Titanic

7. McDonald’s: The Real Milkshake

8. Nikol Baking Dish: Jacuzzi

9. McDonald’s: Billboards 200m-197m

10. Aquafresh Flexigel: Ear

11. Denver Water: Hose

12. Fresh Step: Cross-legged cats

13. Coca-Cola Light

14. KitKat

15. Mag-Lite: Buddha

16. Mischief Scissors

17. Boecker Public Health: Toilet

18. Fish – Tolnaftate cream

19. McDonald’s: Individuals

20. Fairfax/The Sydney Morning Herald: Size Change

21. BBDO Düsseldorf Recruiting: Join us

22. Utopolis, Group of cinemas: Free Willy

23. KISS FM 97.7: Father

24. Nutri Balance: Husband

25. Tesa: Bush

26. General Tire: Wrapped by Adventure

27. Covergirl Teens: Anime

28. Softlan Ultra: Wrestling

29. Oranges – Wonderbra

30. Breath – Pedigree

31. Lion – Zoo Safari

32. New Job – Career Builder

33. Zoom – Olympus

34. Sharp – WMF

35. Truck – Pepsi Light

36. Mask – Gear Drop

37. Magician – Glassex Window

38. Overloaded – 3M Scotch

39. Playground – Wonderbra

40. Pies – Pocket Pies

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