Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The 110 Year Evolution Of The Coke Bottle

The 110 Year Evolution Of The Coke Bottle

1899 - The original Coca-Cola bottle was nothing overly special. It was a bottle more square in design with embossed glass.

1900-1916 – The Coca-Cola bottle begins to develop its curvaceous figure. The top portion of the bottle begins to taper and just below the embossing the bottle featured a diamond shaped sticker with the Coca-Cola logo as well as other writing.

1915 – The beginning of bottle beauty; 1915 is when the coke bottle started to resemble the figure of a woman. Curvaceous from top to bottom; these bottles had the coke bottle embossed in the glass.

1957 – The Coke bottle maintained its stylish figure for a little over 50 years before deciding to remove the embossed logo with one painted on in white.

1961 – In 1961 Coca-Cola changes their painted logo back to another embossed logo. Subtle dimensional changes also take place on the bottle

1991 – The Coca-Cola bottle gets just a hair shorter and once again goes back to the white painted logo. Coke also starts including the word ‘Classic’ on the bottle.

 – The Coca-Cola Company finally makes the transition from glass to plastic bottles with a sticker containing their logo and other information.

2008 – The current Coca-Cola bottle is not only plastic, but it also contains embossing as well as the standard sticker logo. The bottle has little bumps on the lower half to help grip the bottle and a textured lid to make it easier to open the bottle.

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