Tuesday, 15 December 2009

6 Indoor Staircases

Made from 10mm thick metal sheet this modern staircase is connected to the wall. and independent piece makes the railing also connected to the wall. The lines are smoothe and simple with a very modern look to it. The stair case is extremely original and it was created by HSH  it is now on one of the most contemporary houses in Liben, Prague. This staircase may look fregile but believe me the can take quite an abuse both from people and time.  

Designed by London architect Alex Michaelis this staircase is a great asset for any family with kids or youth. The slide is just undeniably fun and it will guaranty a fun , exactly what any family house consumes the most. 

The floating steps suggest nothing but elegance. the architect Guido Giompi know exactly what he was doing when he was working for The Gray Hotel in Milan 

Glass stairs is also another interesting solution for any modern household. 

This is a very interesting staircase.It was designed by Tom Sloan at Levitate Architects, who came up with a neat solution to a storage problem 

The stairs look like giant river stones, but they are actually concrete blocks polished to perfection. The 'Rolling', designed by Roberto Semprini for Edilco, draws inspiration from the ergonomic forms of natural rocks smoothed by water. 


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